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WOO HOO Great News!

Well I finally got some time this afternoon (okay so it's now taken me about 4.5 hours) to sit down and play with my new Photoshop program. I wanted this to do things for my soon to be "pro" photography business, but also so I could make watermarks for the pictures I take for Stampin UP! projects to go on this blog! Not lets not talk about how I purchased this program back the day after Thanksgiving in 2006, and just opened last week before I left town for the weekend. haha - no lets NOT talk about that at all!!!

Now for the great news - well after much frustration and feeling completely incompetent I am NOW the proud new owner of my very own Mama Stamper watermark for my pictures!!! WOOT WOOT! I did it all by myself...okay well not really, some great fellow Stampin UP! friends directed me to a great blog tutorial on Photoshop and creating watermarks as well as a gal on a forum for scrappers/crafters who also spent alot of time emailing me to give me directions etc.!!!

Now to just get this watermark placed onto the several folders full of photos I have that I need to load on here for my various tutorials!!!! Ahhhhhhhh I'm trying my best everyone!!

Well I better run off this blog and get to watermarking!!! Can't wait to share it with you all!



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