Yes, I know I have Glitter on My Face.......

In the flurry of the kids, the husband and everyday life... I find the time to throw on a little glitter and create some works of heart!


Coupons Coupons Coupons...

This is a picture of the little coupon books I made for my wonderful stampin friends that were just as excited about the release of the 2007 Fall Winter Collection Idea Book & Catalog. They wanted to make sure that they would have their very own copy come July 1st so they did the SMART thing and preordered by the deadline! I'm sure NOW that they have their Idea Book & Catalog they are eager to use these dandy little Coupon Books!

*** I got all the photos of my next few tutorials photoshopped/watermarked and ready to go - I may post one today, but likely it will come tomorrow!!! Keep on the lookout!!! ***


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