Yes, I know I have Glitter on My Face.......

In the flurry of the kids, the husband and everyday life... I find the time to throw on a little glitter and create some works of heart!


SPECIAL NOTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am moving......... yup, I got it done (well still working on the personalization of the new website) - I've moved on up.... to the east side.... Finally got a bigger piece of that pie.....

You will now find me at the following web address -

Please go to the site and sign up for the Blog Feed there if you want to continue to get convienent email updates when a new project is posted! Also please update your Favorites in your browser list too.

I will not be cancelling the Blogger blog that you are currently viewing, but I will no longer be posting here!!!!!

Thanks so much everyone as you "grow" along with me!

PS: Happy Early Mothers Day!


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